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More mobile browser detection testing

My standard method of mobile browser detection as detailed in my previous post here involves the PHP function preg_match(). Unfortunately for me, having compiled a stripped down version PHP to run on ARM linux, the preg_match() function was not included (probably because I used the disable-all switch during compilation).

Anyhow I was quite quickly able to come up with a workaround using strpos():

//Read the user agent string, and convert to lowercase

//Array of mobile browsers
$mobile_browser=array('android','avantgo','blackberry','blazer','compal','elaine','fennec','hiptop','iemobile','iphone','ipod','iris','kindle','lge ','maemo','midp','mmp','opera mobi','opera mini','palm os','phone','pixi','pre','plucker','pocket','psp','symbian','treo','vodafone','wap','windows ce','windows phone','xda','xiino/i');

//initialise counter

//iterate thorough array
foreach($mobile_browser as $val) {
$pos = strpos($useragent, $val);
//if the array element is not in the user agent string, do nothing
if($pos === false) {
//else increment the counter
else {
if ($i == 0) {
echo "Load normal site";
else {
echo "Load mobile site";

I also found a great way to test all mobile browsers, using the user agent switcher for Firefox.