Making the jump to Linux

Switching from Windows to Linux for my main home computer (laptop) has been a real possibility for me for some time now, and I have finally made the jump – and I’m so glad I did!

All that my main computer gets used for is internet browsing based stuff, light word processing tasks, some web development and managing my (extensive) audiobook collection.

The only things left to tie me to Windows were a familiarity built up over my entire adult life, a natural apprehension towards change, and the fact that I use Windows day-in-day-out at work.

The final push I needed was the Microsoft announcement that .NET web applications (what I develop at work) are going open source, and are to be released officially for Linux.

I have been very surprised as to how easy the transition has been.

I chose the Lubuntu 64 bit OS, because my laptop is old. It had become really slow under the reign of Windows 7, even after Windows reinstall. It is

Here are the apps I have installed:

I have rewritten into Python some bespoke apps I had written in C# to auto-id3-tag and add to a database the radio content I record using get_iplayer tool. I may do a future article on this.

I have also followed the outstanding instructions here to get the basic Microsoft MVC5 ‘Hello World’ web app deployed.

The bottom line, Linux is great – and I won’t be going back Microsoft in my home setting.

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