As a web developer I have been learning HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and SQL (both MySQL and MSSQL) as I go along, and I thought it was about time to start keeping a record of useful tidbits and snippets of code so, if nothing else, I can refer back to it myself.

As with every ‘normal’ person, my knowledge of HTML, PHP etc. is far from complete. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve read some books and know a fair bit, but I’m not yet a walking reference manual. I find when I need a specific function on a web page, say PHP pagination, I’ll type it into my generic search engine. This will often lead me to visit blogging pages just like this one, where someone just like me has kindly posted a tutorial, code snippet, sometimes even link to an example. I then adapt what I find to use on the specific page I am working on.

If all goes well, then soon people like me will be finding and using this blog in a similar way. If nobody finds it, then it will serve as useful record of my work for me.

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