Marketing yourself as a developer

I was listening to this podcast last night on Software Engineering radio, and there were a couple of points that really hit home – particularly at this time of year where traditionally resolutions are made:

  • Developers typically do not like to market themselves or their ideas.
    • A developer can write the best code in the world, but if nobody knows about it then it is all a bit pointless – no users will ever benefit.
    • Demonstrating the communication skills and commitment to document projects you are working on is highly attractive to prospective clients and/or employers, and could also earn you a following with among your peers.
  • Developers engage in traditional ‘Networking’ only in short and sustained bursts, usually at the time they are looking for a new job.
    • This needs to be an ongoing process, such that a strong network of connections is built and maintained.

The key to both of these is consistent commitment.

It only takes 10 minutes to write a blog post about something interesting done over the past week.

It is easy to take a few minutes to chat with member of your professional network.

I for one will try my best to put these principles into practice throughout 2016.



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